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Thread: Autonomous navigation

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    Autonomous navigation

    We are from the Robotics Club of Estonian Information Technology College. Our club has won Estonian biggest robotics competition 7 times. Now we are still competing in Estonia but have also looking for other challenges in Baltic states.

    Last year we participated in „Robots intellect“, autonomous robot competition in Lithuania. This competition is one of the most challenging in the region consisting of autonomous navigation and video recognition. The goal of the competition is to drive about 300 meters to bag area, locate bag in that area and navigate back to start area. To make things more difficult there are different obstacles on the way. For navigation we use compass and GPS. Our robot is using video recognition for following the road, locating the bag (shape, color) and obstacle avoidance.

    Strong point of our robots has always been computer vision. Our software is written in C++ and uses OpenCV library. In the past we have used consumer level cameras but we have reached point where limiting factor of our robot has become camera. At the moment we are searching for industrial grade camera to enhance our robots performance.

    We are hoping that Ximea will support us with CURRERA Starter Kit that will give our robot added benefits:
    • Low latency from image acquisition to actuator response
    • Better image quality
    • No need for additional PC (thanks to integrated Intel Atom)
    • IP67 protection for outdoor use

    Because in the Baltic states there are not so many robotic competitions, we thought that competition „Robots intellect“ would be good opportunity for Ximea to show its superior machine vision system in action for local students and industry.

    Our robot „Firmgear“ in action:

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    Status Update:

    This Application was followed up and won the CURRERA Starter Kit.
    XIMEA - XIMEA cameras feature prominently at Robotex 2012

    Your XIMEA Team

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