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Custom Cameras


Our Core Knowledge,


Imaging systems and Cameras are the traditional core of XIMEA's expertise.

Expanding portfolio of Intellectual Property, Building blocks and Reusable components allows us efficient development of new and custom specific products and systems.

Integrated R&D chain covering under one roof all major steps of product development, physical verification and fabrication, results in unsurpassed product quality and integrity.


Your specific requirements matter to us.

Whatever your specific camera requirements are, sensor wise, mechanical, electrical, custom interface or custom functions integrated into our API or easy to use software library, we can always bring a solution meeting yours needs.

  • Best in class CCD and CMOS Cameras and Camera cores for demanding imaging and vision applications
  • Scientific quality at prices of a regular machine vision equipment
  • High density assembly resulting in smallest possible camera dimensions
  • VGA resolution up to 20 Mpix, 1/3” to 35mm optical size
  • Fracture of competitor’s power consumption
  • Industry best S/N ratio facilitates low light, X-ray and other scintillator based applications
  • Cooled models available
  • True zero switch time between different acquisition modes
  • Partial readout and several binning modes
  • IEEE1394A (Firewire), PCI Express, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision), GigE and proprietary high speed interfaces
  • Standard and customized designs, filters, housings, connectors

We enjoy making our customers happy.




Take one of the recent custom products pictured above as an example: 11Megapixel, 24x36mm CCD, Peltier/Water cooled camera in Ultra compact Core housing.

This solution consumes ½ of the power that next in line competitor camera does while delivering pristine clean images free of readout noise or artifacts.

We did it. And we will design it again for you.

No matter what your custom specific requirements are, contact us and we will be happy to make impossible happen faster and more affordable than you ever dreamed of.

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Custom Imaging Subsystems



When your application needs unusual approach, where off-the-shelf parts and components are unusable or provide unsatisfactory results, we can create a working solution made from custom or customized components for you.

Advanced design methodologies, top of the line design tools orchestrated by our excellent team of industry's  experts guarantees optimal solutions and consistent results.

Our unique high density assembly and fabrication technology, based on latest state of the art commercial and proprietarily designed processes, opens up horizons of imaging applications and products.

From subminiature multi megapixel camera boards with measures of 13x13x3 mm:


to robust paralell DSP imaging systems:


If you can imagine it, we can design it for you.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


Standard Cameras


Wide range of Standard Cameras.

Covering wide range of CCD and CMOS based Cameras, including unique products like MU9MP, worlds smallest 1,1/7" 5M Aptina CMOS based USB Camera up to high end 16 MPix Truesense CCD based Peltier-Water cooled ultra compact, ultra low power Camera for Electron Microscopy and X-Ray analysis.




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