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News Technology news After Linux xiQ USB 3.0 Camera is also MAC OS X Compliant

xiQ USB 3.0 Camera is MAC OS X Compliant USB3

XIMEA adds MAC OS X support to world’s smallest USB 3.0 line of industrial cameras.

MUNSTER, GERMANY, January 28, 2013

XIMEA GmbH – developer of the CURRERA PC cameras and the xiQ series is pleased to announce MAC OS X compatibility for its USB 3.0 camera product line.

XIMEA’s xiQ series’ industrial-grade cameras now come standard with support software for systems running OS X version 10.7 or 10.8 (Lion or Mountain Lion).

In addition to usual Windows compatibility and still rare cases of Linux support, XIMEA recently raised the bar by going the extra mile towards the needs of MAC users. This all while still remaining the smallest USB 3.0 industrial camera on the market, measuring just 26.4 x 26.4 x 19.1 mm as well as the lightest with just 26 grams. To achieve such dimensions, xiQ uses a single PCB board, compared to three separate PCB boards of other solutions. Coupled with the industry’s lowest power consumption of 1W and largest complimentary offering of application programming interfaces (APIs) for commercial image processing programs, xiQ greatly simplifies OEM efforts to integrate board-level xiQ cameras into larger and smaller manufacturing, medical, security, and medical systems.  

The series of xiQ cameras offers all the features customers have come to expect from a XIMEA industrial-grade camera, including USB 3.0 data interface that delivers up to 5 Gbps equal to 400 megapixels per second (Mpix/s), opto-isolated trigger input, illuminator control output, non-volatile memory for user settings and custom data, VGA to 4 Mpix resolution high-quality CMOS sensors, global shutters, frame rates up to 600 fps, improved quantum efficiency (QE) in the visible and NIR spectral ranges, and dynamic range up to 100 dB.

And like all of XIMEA’s industrial cameras, the xiQ series ships with APIs for the most common image processing software, including Cognex, Matrox, National Instruments, MVTec, and many more.


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