Products xiLab - Application specific custom OEM 3D Real-time camera line from Photoneo

3D Real-time camera line from Photoneo

  • Real per-pixel measurement thanks to the unique method of sensing
  • Extraordinary scanning range thanks to laser technology
  • Efficient customizable projection system (different Wavelengths)
  • Ambient light suppression
  • Customizable FoV (5° - 90°)
  • Power efficient
  • Fast processing and low latency
  • Adaptive scanning: possibility to select high-res or high-fps mode
  • No Motion Blur
  • Future-proof: Scalable to higher resolution

xiLab concept - Partner product (Photoneo)

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Product PhoXi Scan PhoXi Cam PhoXi Cam++
Technology Structured Light Multi-Image Sensing Multi-Image Sensing
Depth Map resolution
(independent measurements)
4M points ¹ 600k points up to 2.7M points
Z accuracy (2 sigma) - 1m up to 50 μm <1 mm up to 50 μm
3D point uncertainty volume 
when scanning 1m2 area
0.0125 mm³ 1.7 mm³ 0.0185 mm³
Short range scanning possible possible possible
FPS 5 fps ² up to 60 fps up to 60 fps
Data acquisition time 200 ms 16 ms 16 ms
3D points throughput 20 Million points per second 37 Million points per second up to 162 Million points per second
Availability3 Pre- orders Coming soon 2016

Note 1: high-resolution (up to 20 Million 3D points) at special request                                                                                 Note 2: stationary scene necessary

Note 3: All information subject to change - please visit Photoneo website for the most current information.



What is xiLab?
Anything displayed with the reference „xiLab“ or in our xiLab space refers to technologies and prototypes that are developed and functional, but where XIMEA does not commit on release, time lines or final appearance. We are keen to learn the market’s reaction to items displayed or exposed under this label.
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