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Products xiLab - Application specific custom OEM xiLINK cable - USB3 to CameraLink

xiLINK cable - USB3 to CameraLink

  • CameraLink connector to USB 3.0 port 
  • No Frame Graber needed
  • Robust and very compact
  • Up to 5 meters length

Concept Study - Not a standard product



This unique cable is XIMEA's original Concept study, which at the moment needs a special OEM project with a certain volume in order to be mass produced.


The consideration that has to be made when analyzing the possible utilization is that this cable has to be configured for each (different) model of camera that it is planned to be connected to. This makes it restricted for specific projects.


Throughput clarification: USB3 Vision Standard bandwidth is 5Gbit/s (can double in the future, but this is current status) which limits the CameraLink part.


Examples for reference:
- Camera Link Base config bandwidth 2.04Gbit/s (24bit data) - One CL Interface/cable
- Camera Link Medium config bandwidth 4.08Gbit/s (48bit data) - Two CL Interfaces/cables
- Camera Link Full config bandwidth 6.8Gbit/s (80bit data) - Two CL Interfaces/cables


So practically you would be reliably able to use Medium config with USB 3.0 up to 60 MHz pixel clock.


If you have an interesting project or need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

CameraLink to USB3 Vision USB 3.0 cable Flyer








Last Updated: 29 April 2017, 17:36

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