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Custom & OEM Cameras

XIMEA's line of Custom and OEM Cameras can be customized to your specific product needs.
Either Firewire, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, housed or board level, cooled or NIR versions, with straight or angled connectors - we can do whatever you need.
To inquire about options please use

Each of the models supports more than 30 of most popular Machine Vision Libraries and multiple Operational systems using XIMEA API.

Software Any camera can be used with any of supported Vision Libraries or one of APIs
Knowledge Base You can find datasheets or notes in Documents or find answers in Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Support In case you have any questions

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MR11002 - Scientific grade firewire camera with KAI-11002 sensor
MR16000 - Scientific grade firewire camera with KAI-16000 sensor
MR4021 - Scientific grade firewire camera with KAI-4021 sensor
MU9PM - Subminiature USB 2.0 camera with 5 Mpix Aptina MT9P031 sensor