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XIMEA Linux Software Package

XIMEA Linux Software Package is a tarred installer of xiAPI with examples.
It is designed to run on most common Linux distribution that includes the usual tools and libraries like:
Ubuntu, Red Hat, Arch, Gentoo etc.

Please note: Even though cameras and API can work with such systems, XIMEA does not guarantee reliable functionality on the ones which are NOT included in the list of tested versions mentioned below.

Supported platforms

xiAPI supports the following CPU families:

Under development:

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The Package contains:

  • xiAPI - SDK for camera control by your software
  • Examples:
    • xiSample - sample showing basic image acquisition in xiAPI
    • streamViewer - camera live image viewer for picture check
      • streamViewer is based on gstreamer. It must be installed before streamViewer is started. Please read more in README file.


Download for Intel x86 CPU architecture

  • Untar
tar xzf XIMEA_Linux_SP.tgz
cd package

Download for ARM CPU architecture

  • Untar
tar xzf XIMEA_Linux_ARM_SP.tgz
cd package

Installation for all architectures

  • Start installation script
    • For PCIe Cameras - please start script with option -pcie.
      ./install -pcie

      If it fails, make sure that you have the necessary tools installed, e.g. run the following command on Ubuntu:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-"$(uname -r)" 
      sudo apt-get install libtiff5

      or this one on Red Hat:
      sudo yum install gcc make kernel-devel
      sudo yum install libtiff

      In some cases, it helps to disable "secure boot" in the bios
    • For other cameras (i.e. USB3 cameras)
  • If logged-in user is not root, you will be asked for your password to get root access because the installation runs with the root account using sudo.
  • If xiCamTool fails to start on your system, please check that all required dependencies of Qt for X11 are installed:
    E.g. on Ubuntu, you may need to run this command:
    sudo apt install libxcb-cursor0


Run uninstall script:


If logged in user is not root, you will be asked for your password to get root access same as with install script.


If you should run into any issues during installing XIMEA API, before submitting a Support request, please read our troubleshooting pages:

Supported Vision Libraries

Knowledge Base

You can find a solution for known issues in our Linux SP Knowledge Base.