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XIMEA Linux Software Package

XIMEA Linux Software Package is tarred installer of xiAPI with examples.
It is designed to run on most common Linux distribution that include the usual tools and libraries (e.g.: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Arch, Gentoo ...)
Please note: even though cameras and API can work with such systems, XIMEA does not guarantee reliable functionality on the ones which are not included in the list of tested versions below.

xiAPI supports two CPU families:


The Package contains:


wget http://www.ximea.com/downloads/recent/XIMEA_Linux_SP.tgz
  • Untar
tar xzf XIMEA_Linux_SP.tgz
cd package
  • Start installation script
    • For xiB - PCIe Camera cameras - please start script with option -pcie.
      ./install -pcie
    • For other cameras
  • If logged in user is not root, you will be asked for your password to get root access because the installation runs with root account using sudo.

Tested on

The XIMEA Linux Software package (SP Ver) was tested on Ubuntu operation systems:

OS Ver SP Ver Camera Family Controller Status
10.10x32 V1_08_02 CURRERA-R OK
10.04x32 V1_08_02 xiMU Fail
10.04x32 V1_08_02 xiCe NEC OK
10.04x64 V1_08_02 xiMU OK
10.04x64 V1_08_02 xiCe NEC OK
12.04x32 V1_08_06 xiMU OK
12.04x32 V1_08_06 xiCe TI OK
12.04x64 V1_08_06 xiMU OK
12.04x64 V1_08_06 xiCe TI OK
14.04x64 V4_01_76 xiQ ODROID XU OK

Supported Vision Libraries

Knowledge Base

You can find solution about known issues in our Linux SP Knowledge Base.