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XIMEA looks for colleagues

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XIMEA’s new Germany office as of October 2016


XIMEA German premises are located in the picturesque environment of old harbor, situated about 10km from the cozy city center of Munster, Germany, offering quiet and healthy working environment.



Who we are

XIMEA is a company that develops, manufactures and sells unique Vision products utilized in Automation, Science, Medicine, Cinematography, Sports and many other areas, striving to make the world a better place.



Who are we looking for

People who are agile and enthusiastic about working in a compact team and be responsible for various interdisciplinary challenges. If you possess the right talents to become a valuable part of our team, please check for the open positions below.



What we can offer you

Fascinating work environment, which makes our employees feel good about coming to work and provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.

Our company culture is based on respect for the individual and the code of ethics while relying on the strong and collaborative team where people support each other. Whatever we do, we do as a team.

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Who are we ? (Continuation)



For more than 20 years, XIMEA has been known as a sustainable innovator in machine vision and imaging markets, constantly pushing boundaries within hyperspectral imaging, ultra-compact and fast USB, X-ray, Thunderbolt™, USB-C, HDR and low noise cameras.
XIMEA’s customers are ranging from start-ups to market leading Tier 1 corporations.
The main driving force of XIMEA is the ability to innovate the overall Status Quo and launch new products that use the latest technologies.
All thanks to the main asset, which is a team of multi talented individuals, who are capable to match and even surpass the companies that are ten times bigger.



Who are we looking for (Continuation)


Regardless your age, gender, experience or origin, we will be happy to receive your application form on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Open positions with job descriptions:


  1. Personal Assistant (Germany, Munster)
Personal traits:
You are efficient, discrete, flexible, self-motivated, organized, proactive and a good communicator.
You are an IT literate and internet savvy.
You like to keep up-to-date with the latest office gadgets and industry best practices; 
You know how to manage and source resources and conduct research.
Professional traits:
You are prepared to:
- read, monitor and respond to emails directed to the CEO,
- answer calls and handle queries,
- prepare correspondence on your CEO's behalf,
- delegate work in your CEO's absence,
- liaise with staff, clients, etc.,
- manage your CEO's electronic diary,
- organize meetings,
- organize travel and prepare complex travel itineraries,
- attend meetings on your CEO's behalf,
- write minutes,
- take dictation,
- plan, organize and manage events,
- manage a budget,
- attend events/meetings as your CEO's representative,
- conduct research on the internet,
- write reports, executive summaries, newsletters,
- prepare presentations,
- prepare papers for meetings,
- manage and review filing and office systems,
- prepare updates for intranet,
- type documents,
- source and order stationery and office equipment,
- manage projects,
- manage an Assistant.
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What we can offer you (Continuation)


Benefits beyond financial gratification:


  • Working for XIMEA, you will have a chance to learn something new and work with the latest technologies every single day.


  • XIMEA regularly takes part in the world's leading machine vision trade fairs which are a great opportunity not only for our company to demonstrate its latest inventions but also for you to represent the company at such events around the world.


  • XIMEA supports your personal and professional growth by giving you the chance to attend a number of trainings, presentations and professional conferences including the possibility to improve your language skills, compliments of XIMEA.


  • XIMEA employees are welcomed to spend certain number of the working hours per week pursuing their own interests.


  • Being well aware of the fact that a sick person cannot deliver the peak performance, we offer our employees unlimited sick days to rest until they can come back to the office fully recovered and with renewed vigor.


  • To relax and enjoy the leisure time together, we organize a number of events for our employees.


  • As a life style business company, we support our employees in achieving the ideal life-work balance, and also invite their family members to some of the events. 


  • Should hunger strike unexpectedly, you can grab a healthy fruit snack from the kitchenette as well as enjoy coffee, tea or mineral water to your heart’s content.



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