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Working in XIMEA team

Our team is a lot like a family, where quantity is replaced with unity and "unique factor".

Staying competitive with big companies requires originality and reduction of any "me too" approach to products.

This can be achieved only by coming up with new ideas for solutions and their support from management.

Crucial to our success is to work as one, at the same time helping and respecting each individual.


And of course, there is passion!

None of us would do this without passion - the company was built on the passion for high end, on the edge technology, always pursuing the status of being ahead.

Being in the lead requires proactive research of newest innovations and trends providing clients with what they need before they discover it can be even possible.

Many products we provide evolved from following customers' requirements for special customization, adjustments or even whole new OEM projects and applications.

What we are about:


  •     Freedom and even necessity to make your decisions and show initiative, which is supported by the management.
  •     Vast number of opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge through learning about newest technologies and participation in special projects.
  •     Attendance at various Global trade shows or technology fairs, seminars or in-house training using the most modern tools available on the market.
  •     Annual personal discussions with management regarding goals and development of company and employees.
  •     Open opportunities to pursue your own path of professional development, based on peer support and integration into the team.
  •     Flexible working hours with different agreements arising from individual needs and possibilities.
  •     No restrictions in communication between different levels of the company. Equality in opinion sharing and open doors policy.
  •     Encouraged participation in the development of projects and sharing of knowledge.
  •     Fast evolving company that is present on international stage and which is cooperating with major Fortune 500 companies.
  •     Access to information about the company results and future roadmap for all employees and their suggestions in regards to plans and organizational aspect.


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