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A brief history of XIMEA

In 1992 a company called Softhard Technologies was founded by Max Larin and Slava Klimkovitch, in an effort to bring to market technology that had been developed at the Russian Academy of Science. This technology dealt with real-time signal processing and image acquisition.

Through strategic alliances with image processing software and vision system building companies, Softhard grew in size, staff, production, technologies and in 2010 it was decided to change its business model. From a dedicated OEM supplier, the company was transformed into XIMEA group.
In cooperation with Dr. Vasant Desai, formerly CEO of Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions, XIMEA GmbH was founded.
In June 2011 a branch for US market followed - XIMEA Corp. All XIMEA companies and facilities are privately owned.
XIMEA has defined its mission as the development of cameras at the forefront of machine vision and imaging, spearheading the advancements of research.
This resulted in remarkable product lines like xiQ - USB3 Vision cameras, xiC - USB 3.1 with Sony CMOS, xiMU - Subminiature camera and xiRAY – X-ray cameras.
Breakthroughs followed with first PCI Express camera, smallest Hyperspectral cameras in the world, Embedded vision platform or original Thunderbolt™ cameras.
Today XIMEA camera sales are allocated in the following way: 50% comes from the standard portfolio and 50% are covered by OEM/custom products.
Products primarily designed for scientific field contribute to a broad range of industrial cameras that leverage this exceptional quality in machine vision applications.
XIMEA team is continuously listening to the customers' requests and adapts products to specific projects or provides support for the customized solutions. 
At the same time, the major factor in the roadmap of the products are the newest advances in components or technology which can be used in cameras.
XIMEA is currently recognized as an innovator in the vision and imaging approaches and continues development of new products with breathtaking potential.
The success of XIMEA is based on its multi talented R&D team, agile production factory, worldwide presence and a clear vision of the company strategy.


Softhard/XIMEA milestones:


1992 – Incorporation of Softhard Technologies by 4 research engineers

1993 – Camera developments for advanced Electron Microscopy and Crystallography studies

1994 – Development of PCI based frame grabber

1995 – Implemented Fast Fourier Transform running in real time on the first Pentium PCs

1997 – First camera built based on Philips FT18 CCD

1998 – Sony ICX085 based cooled camera

2000 – Move to new, bigger, company owned facilities

2001 – Firewire based cooled cameras

2002 – Kodak (Truesense) sensor based Scientific grade camera

2003 – Advanced color interpolation algorithm

2004 – High speed imaging module with Full CameraLink and GigE interfaces

2005 – Linux and Multi DSP imaging platform

2006 – Second generation of Firewire cameras with real time features

2007 – Siemens ITS camera and flashlight

2008 – World’s smallest liquid cooled 11Mpix/16Mpix camera – 55mm diameter, 16mm thickness

2009 – World’s smallest 5 Mpix GenICam/GenTL USB cameras

2010 – Incorporation of XIMEA GmbH as sales and marketing arm

2010 – ATOM Intel x86 PC based Smart Cameras in IP67 Introduced

2011 – World’s smallest X-RAY camera measuring just 63x63x50mm and power consumption 6W

2011 – Incorporation of XIMEA Corp. in the USA

2011 – Introduction of World’s first GPU enhanced smart camera with embedded PC -CURRERA G

2012 – World’s smallest USB 3.0 camera released and shipped in quantities – CMOS based

2012 – World’s first USB 3.0 camera in board level version

2012 – World’s first USB 3.0 camera using CMV4000 sensor

2012 – World’s first and only cable connecting USB 3.0 with CameraLink

2013 – 500 fps camera based on CMV300 integrated into xiQ USB 3.0 line

2013 – USB3 Vision Standard compliance completed

2013 – Wide variety of accessories supported, including an option with 100m long cable distance for USB3 camera

2013 – World’s first PCI Express camera with bandwidth 20Gb/s

2014 – USB 3.0 cameras with the whole range of Sony CCD sensors ranging from 2.8 Mpix to 12 Mpix

2014 – World’s smallest Hyperspectral cameras

2015 – World's first Thunderbolt™ technology enabled industrial cameras

2015 - World's fastest camera interface with PCIe Gen3 providing 64 Gbit/s

2016 - Exceptionally fast USB3 camera model with 1000 Fps at VGA using PYTHON 1300

2016 - Small USB 3.1 Gen1 cameras with Sony CMOS sensors ranging from 2.3 to 12.4 Mpix 

2017 - Embedded vision system and Multi camera setup cameras

2017 - High speed cameras with 1.1 Mpix at 3500 Fps and 2 Mpi (HD) at 2500 Fps

2018 - High resolution models with 50 Mpix at 30 Fps

2018 - Scientific grade cameras with TE Peltier cooling and sCMOS sensors


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