USB 3.1 Camera accessories

  • FFC - Flexible Flat Cables
  • Tripod brackets and mounts
  • Type-C and Trigger cables
  • BOB - Breakout Boards


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Camera family page

Buy PCI Express camera

Smallest 5 Mpix USB industrial cameras 18 Mpix high resolution USB3 micro mini

   xiMU Brochure

Subminiature camera 5 Mpix Aptina mini micro industrial CMOS

xiMU Manual     


Flexible cable adapters

Horizontal and vertical adapters for

interconnection with flexible USB3 cables

Breakout board

Board to interconnect Flexible flat cable

attached to the camera and USB3 cable

Flat ribbon flex cables

Flexible flat cables of various lengths for use

with USB3 camera models from various families

Type-C cable adapter

Extension board adapter for 18 Mpix camera model connection to USB3 Type-C cables

3 or 5 m USB3 Type-C cable

3m or 5m cable with Type-C connector for

xiC and xiMU family of USB3 cameras

Trigger/Sync cable 3m

3m Trigger/Sync cable for xiQ family of USB 3.0 cameras

Trigger/Sync cable 5m

5m Trigger/Sync cable for xiQ family of USB 3.0 cameras

Tripod bracket mount

Bracket mount for xiMU Subminiature USB cameras

to attach to Tripod and reduce heat

Lens adapter rings

Long and medium length lens adapter rings for 18 Mpix miniature cameras

Last Updated: 06 June 2023, 22:03

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