Gpixel GSENSE6060 sensor Grades

The large sensors with 37 Mpix high resolution from Gpixel are marked as GSENSE6060 and come with Frontside illumination (FSI) and Backside illumination (BSI), each of them having various quality grades.

The table below shows the difference between the 3 available Grades:

Grade 0 Grade 1 Engineering Samples
Bad colums/rows 2 6 Not defined
2 adjacent colums/rows 0 Allowed Not defined
3 adjacent colums/rows 0 0 Not defined

Additional notes

This is a very special camera. It uses a 6k x 6K sCMOS sensor with 10 micron pixels.
That makes the sensor very large - 60 x 60 mm.
Therefore the sensor is coupled to a cooled housing to reduce thermal noise.
The large aperture of the camera, together with the sCMOS architecture (low read noise), and the cooling, plus the readout technology of 2x 12 bit provides superior images at extremely low light levels and with 16 bit dynamic range.

To improve on this, the sensor is also available in Backside illuminated version which is remarkable for a large sensor like this.
This makes this a prime camera candidate for Astronomy and other scientific applications.
The interface to a host computer is through optical fiber cables to avoid electrical noise degrading the signal and and to reach cable lengths commensurate with larger instruments.
Given the facts above, each camera is meticulously hand-crafted.

The Aluminum Nitride package of GSENSE6060BSI provides 10x thermal conductivity than that of the traditional Alumina package, as well as excellent flatness both at the room temperature and deep-cooled temperatures.
GSENSE6060BSI is equipped with removable glass lids.