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CURRERA-R smart camera

CURRERA-R is a complete machine vision system combining an embedded x86 PC and integrated sensor in one small IP67 protected body.
You can connect it with monitor, keyboard and mouse and work like on the common PC.

Almost all applications, that work on Windows XP can also run on CURRERA.
If you prefer a different operational system - alternatively Linux can run on CURRERA.
In addition CURRERA supports more than 30 of the most popular Image Processing Libraries.
Range of CURRERA Accessories allows quick and seamless integration with production environment.

Operating systems CURRERA can run one of 3 operation systems. WES2009, WES7 or Linux.
CURRERA with Windows Embedded Standard supports any of Vision Libraries and multiple XIMEA APIs.
All CURRERAs connected to the local network can be located using Network Camera Finder.
Knowledge Base Manuals, Datasheets and other useful materials can be found below.
Most of the answers can be found under Frequently Asked Questions
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Documents and information about CURRERA-R Starter kit
When using cables please follow the these rules


CURRERA Operating Systems

30 Machine Vision Libraries

Network Camera Finder





System Cable

Sensor Orientation


Hardware Guide

Quick Start

3D Model of camera

3D Model of Heat Sink

Knowledge Base

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Sensors Signal Timing

CURRERA-RL System Disk capacity change

CURRERA Compatible Devices

Factory System Disk Image

Solid State Drive

SSD Control Tool

System Disk

System Image Recovery USB Stick

Application Notes

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How to Disable Sentinel HASP service

How to Install SD-Card device driver

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How to mount the CURRERA-R with cables

How to connect VGA cable to the CURRERA-R

How to Restore and Backup System Disk Content

How to set up a remote debug session using MSVC

How to Install Software on CURRERA

Usage of Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs

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