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CamTool plugin development on Linux


For this guide it is assumed that the following components are installed on your system:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • GCC 7.4 or later
  • XIMEA software package

Qt installation

Download the Qt 5.6.1 installer for Linux from this page.

(!) Currently Qt 5.6.1 or earlier is recommended for CamTool plugin development; later version may not work (!)

Make the installer executable (chmod +x) and run it. Choose Qt 5.6 and QtCreator when asked what you want to install.

Compiling the example plugin

Plugin sources are included in XIMEA Linux Software Package (since V4.19.20), placed in package/examples/CamTool.
Otherwise download and unpack the example plugin project.

Afterwards you can open the project file ( in QtCreator.

You can leave all configurations settings on default and just build the project.

Afterwards the plugin binary is located in the output folder corresponding to your configuration. (By default: xvpSample/bin/debug/linux/x64).

Plugin installation

Copy the file to /opt/XIMEA/CamTool to test the plugin.

In CamTool go to Plugins -> Plugin Manager to verify that the plugin was loaded properly and is enabled.

See also: CamTool plugin development on Windows