Lens mount options


Please keep in mind that the xiJ models MJ042 and MJ150 come with a housing design, where the distance between the sensor and the frontal flange is approx. 6mm.
When choosing respective C-mount lenses for these cameras, the maximum difference between the flange focal distance and back focal distance for C-mount lenses must not exceed these 6mm.
Otherwise, the lens could damage the protective sapphire glass inside the camera or the capability to focus to infinity could be limited.

T-mount (M42x0.75mm).

The T-mount can be coupled with addition adapter and extensions to further expand the range of compatible lenses:
  • Standard T-mount lenses:
    • T-mount flange focal distance is 55mm, which can be easily achieved with purchased T-mount extension rings (link)
    • 20mm (camera) + 25mm extension ring + 10mm extension ring = 55mm
  • Canon EF Mount Lenses:
    • Canon EF mount flange focal distance is 44mm:
    • 20mm (camera) + 5mm extension ring (link) + 19mm T2 to Canon EF mount adapter (link) = 44mm (tolerance is set to -0.2mm to always reach infinity)
  • Nikon F mount lenses:
    • Nikon F mount flange focal distance is 46.5mm:
    • 20mm (camera) + 5mm extension ring (link) + 0.5mm spacer (link) + 21mm T2 to Nikon mount adapter (link) = 46.5mm (tolerance is set to -0.2mm to always reach infinity)