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Photonic tagging using hyperspectral imaging

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We are a fledging startup called TheWhollySee and could put a hyperspectral imager such as the xiSpec to some very good use.

We aim to enable applications in object identification and tracking, personnel identification in hospitals, cleanrooms, production facilities, attendee tracking & profiling at conferences, trade shows and events, surveillance, CCTV, defense & security, as can be seen at

Our technology is based on encoding information in photonic-engineered tags placed on objects and subjects, and decoding them using a hyperspectral camera. The tags are provided in the form of paints, stickers or appliques, and can be identified from a single pixel in a hyperspectral cube (patent pending).

Ultimately, our technology has the potential to create a self-describing world that will be intelligible to computers enabling them to respond to various events and situations, thereby unlocking novel computer and machine vision applications.

We would be looking to evaluate a Snapshot Mosaic HSI camera such as the MQ022HG-IM-SM5X5-600-1000 in our lab and build a demonstrator for real-time identification of people, objects and cars carrying our tags.

All enquiries welcome at