BOB144 is Break Out Board. It allows convenient connection of system signals to the external devices. BOB144 should be connected to CURRERA-R System Connector with System Cable.
Here is documentation for BOB144.


BOB contains of:
  • USB Master Port
  • 4 digital optically isolated inputs
  • 4 digital optically isolated outputs
  • Serial port - RS232 (DE9). Only RxD and TxD signals are active.
  • Ground connections
  • Digital Output +5V source (e.g. for connections of LEDs)
  • Power Supply Input
  • System Connector (DB25) for connection of System Cable


Example of connection of one LED and Button.

  • LED is showing the state of output 3. See example of handling digital outputs in xiAPI
  • When button is depressed - the state of input 2 changes from zero to one. See example of handling digital inputs in xiAPI

Note: Common sockets of Inputs and Outputs should be interconnected to use VCC from output for driving input (e.g. by button).