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How to set up a remote debug session using MSVC


Remote debugging is only supported by:
Visual Studio version Pro,
and Ultimate.

Visual Studio supports remote debugging from one computer to another.
When you are doing remote debugging, the host computer can be any platform that supports Visual Studio.

Remote debugging monitor

All remote debugging use the Remote Debugging Monitor (msvsmon.exe).

To enable remote debugging, you can either :
  • Install the Remote Debugging Monitor on the remote machine and launch it when you start debugging
  • Run the Remote Debugging Monitor remotely from a share.

Running the Remote Debugging Monitor off of a file share is the easiest way to enable remote debugging. Visual Studio installs msvsmon.exe into this directory:

  • Install path \Microsoft Visual Studio X\Common7\IDE\Remote Debugger\x86

Start Remote debugging monitor on Currera

Run msvsmon.exe on Currera and set the firewall property for Remote Debugging to the option Unblock remote debugging from any computer.

In the remote debugger application go to Tools->Options and set the authentication mode to No Authentication (native only) and allow the option Allow any user to debug.

After these steps, the target Currera is ready for remote debugging you can start the application that you wish to debug.
The application has to be built in debug mode and the *.pdb file created during build has to be copied with the application to the target.

Starting the debug session from your PC

Start your Visual Studio project and go in the main menu to Debug->Attach to process.
In the Attach to process dialog change the Transport option to Remote.
Type the IP address of the target currera into the Qualifier edit box and press enter.

Visual studio should now be connected to the target machine and display all available processes.
Select the process for debugging and click on the Attach button.
Now you should be debugging your application on the remote Currera camera.