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Install SD-Card device driver

This article describes how to install SD-Card device driver to CURRERA-R running Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7).

Ask for driver

Please Contact Support with subject: Request SD-Card driver for CURRERA-R WES7.
Please enter serial number of CURRERA-R.

Support will send you the driver for SD-Card.

Copy the driver

  • Unzip the driver files to USB Flash Drive
  • Power up the CURRERA-R
  • Connect the USB Flash Drive to hub connected to USB port of CURRERA-R
  • Copy the driver files to c:\Currera\tools\drivers\sd_drivers


  • Open Device Manager on CURRERA-R
  • Locate SD-Card located in Other devices

  • Click right mouse button and select Update Driver Software

  • Click Browse my computer for driver software

  • Enter location where driver is c:\Currera\tools\drivers\sd_drivers
  • Click Next

  • Click Install software anyway

  • Open SSD Control Tool
  • Click Commit C: changes and Restart