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Linux Installation


To install Linux on CURRERA - you will need:
  • System Image Recovery USB Stick (see restoring)
  • Zipped image of Linux


Installation of Linux on CURRERA will completely erase previously installed operating system with all its settings and installed programs. You will need to backup the content of the SSD in order to be able to restore it in the future. Please use Backup Custom Image menu item and store the backup of the SSD image (currera_custom.tbi) on other media if you plan to restore it.
See How to restore and backup system disk image.


The process of installation is based on the procedure of Restore Custom Image.

  • Download Zipped Image of Linux
  • Unzip the file currera_image.tbi from zipped Image of Linux to to System Image Recovery USB Stick in the directory images
  • Connect the System Image Recovery USB Stick into USB hub, that is connected to CURRERA (e.g. to the BOB144)
  • Power up the CURRERA
  • Wait until Image Manager menu shows up
  • Press 2 (Restore Custom Image) and Enter
  • Wait until image is restored
  • Remove System Image Recovery USB Stick
  • Reboot the CURRERA
  • Default password for user is password

For reference see The Restore Custom Image in How_to_restore_and_backup_system_disk_image.