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XIMEA Live Support

Live Support provides remote support by allowing XIMEA customers to share their desktop and system data with technicians at the XIMEA Helpdesk.

How it works

  • Customer actions:
    • Install bundled Live Support application on an Internet-enabled desktop or laptop customer computer
    • Open XIMEA Live Support application on supported computer
    • Enter customer's email address and "Case" description
    • Click on "Connect" button

Note: Customer can close the application anytime and terminate the connection with XIMEA Helpdesk Technicians.

  • Helpdesk side of connection (available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CET):
    • "Live Support" application notifies XIMEA Helpdesk Technicians immediately of the new customer Case
    • Helpdesk Technicians resolve the problem by viewing system data and remotely working with customer or customer representative
    • After the case is successfully solved, Helpdesk Technicians email a completed action report to the customer for future reference

Simplified illustration of XIMEA Live Support architecture