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National Instruments LabVIEW Vision Library


XIMEA xiQ cameras based on the USB3 Vision Standard interface are interoperable with software from National Instruments including NI Vision Acquisition Software, NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI), and NI Vision Development Module.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment. XIMEA LabVIEW Demo Application Source Code Package offers Virtual Instruments (VIs) for camera control and image acquisition (E.g. GetImage, SetTrigger, StartAcquisition).


Installation contains of two steps: Installation of LabVIEW and installation of the XIMEA LabVIEW Demo Application Source Code Package.

Installation of LabVIEW

  • Download LabView 2012 from National Instruments site
  • Start installation on CURRERA or PC.
    Note: To run compiled application at least the LabVIEW Runtime has to be installed. Can be downloaded from NI here

Installation of XIMEA LabVIEW Demo Application Source Code Package

  • Download XIMEA API Software Package
  • Installation of the LabVIEW demo is required
  • Work with XIMEA's Visual Instruments in Your project. They are stored in C:\XIMEA\VisionLibraries\LabView\VIs.

Example demo application

The example demo shows image acquisition and display of monochrome images on the Screen VI.
It is divided into parts based on specific VIs:
  • Setting acquisition mode
  • Image capture()
  • Setting camera trigger mode
    • Off
    • Software (by PingTrigger)
    • Hardware using Rising Pulse on Input GPI1

To achieve color image output - please follow steps:

  • Add the to the diagram, set the format input to 2, currently there are three image format options, 0-Mono8, 1-Mono16 and 2-RGB32
  • Update the buffer_size input to the by adding one more multiply function .vi to multply the image width and height by pixel depth (1 for Mono8, 2 for Mono16 and 4 for RGB32)
  • Set the pixel data display swich value to true (marked by exclamation mark in updated diagram)

The result of steps are shown on the diagram color_output.png.


To work with camera sensor there are many specific Virtual Instruments (VIs).
VIs for image capture, camera configuration, digital input/output setting, etc...


XIMEA LabVIEW Demo Application Manual

USB3 Vision Compliant

Supported cameras