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The outcome of the collaboration can be seen via showcases at the Vision show - Booth 8E46

The partnership will improve the multi-spectral and hyperspectral imaging with AI-enabling technology



Münster, Germany, October, 2022 — Cooperation of XIMEA and Agrowing


XIMEA and Agrowing are pleased to announce their cooperation for the development and distribution of high-resolution, multispectral systems at VISION 2022.

Both companies combine their existing technologies to produce fast, integrated systems.

Agrowing manufactures multiple lenses systems with different spectral bands.

XIMEA is adapting its fast PCIe and USB3 cameras with large image sensors to optimally support the lenses.


Those are customized to the different sensors and camera geometries for the best possible integration.

The result is a very compact and lightweight, high-resolution multispectral system with effective resolutions up to about 12 MPixel and up to 14 bands.

These systems cover the wavelength range of 390 - 870 nm and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications, e.g. precise agriculture and surveillance.

The main usage is likely to be remote sensing on flying platforms such as UAV, drones and aircraft.


Such solutions can be directly combined with small high performance embedded computers and are thus able to provide directly calculated results in real time.

The first showcases will be presented at the VISION show in Stuttgart and mass production can be expected at the beginning of 2023.



Meet us here:


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October 4th – 6th

Stuttgart, Germany

Messe Stuttgart, Booth 8E46


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About Agrowing

Agrowing provides patented multispectral hardware and software technologies and tools, which enable immediate providing of leaf-level Actionable Data to the growers based on Multispectral Leaf-Level AI.

Founded in August 2014 by Agrichem LTD., Ira Dvir and Dr. Nitzan Rabinowitz with the R&D is led by Ilia Bakharov, and supported by Agrichem’s agronomists team.

The vision of the company: to provide near real-time trustworthy detection and identification of pests and diseases in open field crops.

Agrowing’s sensor design (US10574911B2) and Imagery Acquisition Method (US10943114B2) secure effective early identification and AI-Classification of pests and diseases.




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