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XIMEA's employee and Astronomy enthusiast's remarkable pictures and video of solar eclipse 



Solar Eclipse 3/20/2015, partially visible from the territory of Slovakia.

The eclipse was observed by all members of Team, sponsored by XIMEA


Technical parameters:

Cooled CCD camera: MR285MC-BH (Astropix 1.4+)

Telescope Coronado PST (H-alpha personal solar telescope, dia. 40mm standard focus 400mm, barlow 1,65x, final focus 660mm)

Mount: NEQ6 Pro


Fly over of the Plane from unknown airline during the eclipse at time 10:45 UT :

Animation is created from the compilation of separate 8ms long exposures.

Note: On the surface of the Sun are clearly visible dark stripes, so called filaments, which are actually projections of prominences on the disk of the Sun.
Prominence is plasma object in the Sun's atmosphere.
More photos and further details can be found on or

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