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Lytro and its new solution gives cinematographers and artists unprecedented creative freedom


New Age of Cinema with Lytro


Lytro unlocks a new level of creative freedom and flexibility for filmmakers with the introduction of Lytro Cinema, the world’s first Light Field solution for film and television. 

The breakthrough capture system enables unparalleled flexibility in complete virtualization of the live action camera on set and in post-production. 
Transforming creative camera controls from fixed on set decisions to computational post-production processes it allows for historically impossible shots. 

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"It's Alive!!!"


Designed for cutting edge visual effects (VFX), Lytro Cinema solution represents a complete paradigm shift in the integration of live action footage and computer generated (CG) visual effects.

The rich dataset captured by the system produces a Light Field master that can be rendered in any format in post-production and enables a whole range of creative possibilities that have never before existed.


With Lytro Cinema solution, every frame of a live action capture becomes a 3D scene: every pixel has color and directional and depth properties bringing the control and creative flexibility of computer generated VFX to real world capture.

The system opens up new creative avenues for the integration of live action footage and visual effects with capabilities like Light Field Camera Tracking and Lytro Depth Screen - the ability to accurately key/attach green screens for every object and space in the scene without the need for an actual green screen to be present.


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How is it possible


By capturing the entire high resolution Light Field, Lytro Cinema is the first system able to produce a Light Field Master. The richest dataset in the history of the medium, the Light Field Master enables creators to render content in multiple formats -- including IMAX®, RealD® and traditional cinema and broadcast at variable frame rates and shutter angles.


Lytro Cinema system consists of a camera, server array for storage and processing, which can also be done in the cloud, and software to edit Light Field data. The entire system is integrated into existing production and post-production workflows, working in tandem with popular industry standard tools.




Lytro at NAB 2016


“Life” – is the first short produced with Lytro Cinema system and Academy Award winners Robert Stromberg, DGA and David Stump, ASC, in association with The Virtual Reality Company (VRC), which premiered at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference on April 19 in 2016.

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse on the set of “Life” at


At the Future of Cinema Conference organizers also prepared a panel with Jon Karafin, Head of Light Field Video at Lytro, where he explained the process of how Lytro Cinema solution captures all the rays of light within a scene, providing a rich amount of Light Field data where every pixel has its exact placement in space.

This sheds light on the concept of how the Lytro Cinema system can defy the traditional physics of on set capture by virtualizing creative camera decisions and generating new creative choices in post-production including unprecedented control over focus, perspective, aperture and shutter angle – recreating impossible shots that should impact the future of film and broadcasting.


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Impressive Credits


If 3D is good, 4D must be better, right? Light Field imaging is a method of reproducing light rays as they pass through a plane – therefore defining a 3D spatial position plus two angular dimensions describing the direction of the ray would mean that 3D is enhanced by additional Dimension equalling 4D – which implies that a tremendous amount of data is needed.


The science dates back to 1846, but in the last five years, light field cameras (also called plenoptic cameras) and displays have started to become reality.

Recent advancements in nano engineered materials, extraordinary digital processing power and cheap storage have started to make light field devices possible.

This amazing technology allows images to be re-focused, re-framed and viewed from any angle – similar to a hologram.

Lytro Cinema represents a step function increase in terms of raw data capture and optical performance:

  • The highest resolution video sensor ever designed, 755 RAW megapixels at up to 300 FPS
  • Up to 16 stops of dynamic range and wide color gamut
  • Integrated high resolution active scanning


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Lytro Cinema and XIMEA


When creative people in exceptional companies are looking for special components from the Vision field they tend to end by XIMEA for “next big thing” technologies and “going the extra mile” support.


"We had a great experience working with XIMEA, known for its state-of-the-art cameras when building the first Lytro Cinema system. At Lytro, our goal is to break new ground in cinematic and immersive entertainment and production systems, and we couldn't do so without the help of our trusted partners." - Jon Karafin, Head of Light Field Video, Lytro


"Lytro is breaking new ground in cinematic production, and we’re excited to have provided camera components to support the Lytro Cinema system." - Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA



About Lytro 

Lytro is building the world’s most powerful light field imaging platform enabling artists, scientists and innovators to pursue their goals with an unprecedented level of freedom and control. This revolutionary technology developed by Lytro will unlock new opportunities for photography, cinematography, mixed reality, scientific and industrial application.

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“Lytro is a trademark of Lytro, Inc., registered in multiple countries.”


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