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Postponed vision show xponential exhibition 2020 fairsChanges in XIMEA's participation in the first half of the year's exhibitions


Due to continued uncertainty surrounding the growing Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), XIMEA decided to take precautionary decisions to guarantee the safety of its workers and clients, as this represents XIMEA´s top priority.
After a long consultation with the management board, following exhibitions will be postponed to an undefined point in the future: 

- AUVSI Exponential 

– Boston, USA  (05 May – 07 May) Expected new date: 10-12 August

- AIA the Vision Show

– Boston, USA      (09 June – 11 June)  Postponed
Although the situation remains dynamic, XIMEA felt it was important to reach a determination early to provide clarity to our visitors and clients.
More information about the future exhibitions´ dates will be foreseeably announced in the near future. 
For further information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
We hope the situation will improve soon and after the crisis has been averted, we are looking forward to meeting you again personally!
Stay healthy and stay strong!

To browse the products remotely you can check the 2020 Brochures downloadable here:

xiC family

Description: USB 3.1 Gen1 industrial cameras with Sony CMOS Pregius™

xic brochure sony cmos pregius cameras USB3 fast small

xiQ family

Description: Mini USB3 Vision cameras with CMOS Global shutter

xiQ brochure CMOS USB3 cameras global shutter small fast

xiD family

Description: USB 3.0 scientific grade cameras with fast readout CCD

scientific grade Sony CCD USB3 cameras fast readout

xiX family

Description: Embedded vision camera range for use in Multi camera setup

Embedded vision systems Multiple camera setup fastest compact

xiSpec family

Description: Smallest Hyperspectral (HSI) cameras based on USB3

Smallest hyperspectral mini USB3 cameras light low power consumption

xiMU family

Description: Super small USB 2.0 and USB3 industrial cameras with 5 Mpix and 18 Mpix

Smallest 5 Mpix USB industrial cameras 18 Mpix high resolution

xiB-64 family

Description: Fast speed cameras with PCIe interface transferring 64 Gbit/s

Fastest interface PCIe Gen3 fast high speed cameras compact

xiB family

Description: High resolution cameras with PCIe interface and 20 Gbit/s bandwidth

high resolution fast transfer cameras industrial 360 panorama

xiFLY platform

Description: Accessories for Multiple camera setups and Embedded vision systems

platform Embedded vision accessories cameras Multi camera compact

xiJ family

Description: Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) and CCD Peltier TE Cooled cameras

Scientific grade sCMOS sensors cooled Gpixel Backside illuminated

xiRAY family

Description: Compact X-RAY cooled cameras ideal for micro CT scan

Compact X-RAY camera for micro CT tomography high resolution cooled


Manuals and further information 

is available on request

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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