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Colosseo brings impartial judgment from the field to stadiums entrance


Colosseo EAS is one of the leaders in multimedia and security solutions for sports arenas and considers venue safety to be one of the pillars of their portfolio.

The Single Media Platform (SMP) is Colosseo’s constantly evolving flagship product and the power source behind the multimedia and surveillance solutions.


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In solutions for venues, it is important to constantly look for new possibilities to ensure proper game presentation and safeguard clients and patrons investment.

Modern venues are filled with a multitude of various screens, such as center-hung video boards, ribbon boards, perimeter boards, IPTV, TV and outside plaza boards.

Aside from this, there are numerous outputs during live games, such as cameras, statistics, lights, audio, video, etc.

Monitoring and running all of these sources during a game is challenging and venues are still using a number of subsystems to control them, spending an unnecessary amount of time and resources while operating at a less than optimal level.

Imagine a platform which is able to process every one of these inputs and simultaneously distribute them.

Colosseo SMP is currently one of the few fully integrated platforms capable of controlling and processing the complete distribution of all data inside a venue.


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Examiners under examination


The Colosseo solution has achieved the level of full integration, and venues now have a strong and reliable tool which easily handles the distribution of content to every screen and any other end devices in the venue.

This includes mobile/ cell phones, tablets and wearable personal devices.

The operators have completely synchronized control at their fingertips: Camera switching, effect lights, multi-cam replays, stats, custom graphics, etc., are all controlled by the SMP system.

Moreover, it also provides automated reporting for advertising partners and distributes real-time content, like player tracking, statistics and multi-camera instant replay to IPTV and personal devices.

By enabling sports venues to operate at a new level of efficiency, this new approach optimizes organizer's monetizing of advertisements as well.

Nevertheless, first and foremost it provides fans with a significantly more interactive live game experience and especially safety.


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Creating Safe & Secure Sports Venue


The benefits of providing a safe and secure environment for fans are obvious:

Presence of the system automatically discourages potential vandalism and unacceptable behavior, while giving fans the peace of mind to relax and enjoy the action.

This is an effective approach that eliminates anonymity without being overly invasive.

Such clear advantages were until recently outmatched by the complexity of integration and service/operation.

Plus regulation did not push or even encourage organizer to implement it. This has changed or is changing worldwide.

Let’s take a closer look at how Colosseo ensures a safer environment inside sports venues.


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The first and most important aspect is prevention, which is the core strategy of Colosseo Biometric Face Recognition System.

Biometric Face Recognition System is a One-Step technology that is simple and completes its tasks immediately upon entry.

It is able to identify and process a face in 0.5 seconds, which means blacklisted persons are immediately turned away.

The system can also assist in compiling databases. For example, in the event that individuals who are not blacklisted cause trouble inside the venue, they can be added to a ‘watch list’.

These individuals are then monitored with the assistance of cameras and Colosseo Face-Maps feature, which assigns a face to individual seat based on the ticket.

In this way, problematic persons are easily recognized and complications easier avoided.

Once an individual is on the watch list, their movements inside the venue can be tracked with Face-Search-Live feature, that uses live video to find the right person.

The security team can then be automatically updated with any necessary information.

Another component, which adds to overall effectivity, enables the system to oversee accredited entry for employees and VIPs.

It has proven to successfully avoid the formation of excessively long lines and overly rigorous security checks, which are uncomfortable and unnecessary.


security safety surveillance venue USB3 camera


Reliability comes from Innovation


The ability to provide a safe atmosphere means constant strive to be in the front of the curve, covering all angles and situations.

In the case of Turnstiles and other camera related safety features, Colosseo needed compact size and exceptional speed factor.

That is when XIMEA USB3 Vision cameras came into sight in their robust housing and long USB 3.0 cable options.

Quality components came along, bringing 2 Mpix sensors that are sensitive enough to provide a clear image in special conditions at 170 Fps in full resolution.

Easy integration through simple API/SDK and fast delivery provided the critical flexibility that is needed when dealing with the ever-changing and tricky requirements of the venue managers.

This story reveals once again that while in sports there is usually one winner at the end of the game, in Vision both teams can win.


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