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XIMEA added CEI cables to the list of compatible accessories for line of USB3 Vision cameras - xiQ


XIMEA GmbH and CEI Confirm USB 3.0 Accessories Interoperability


Woodridge, Illinois, USA – July 27, 2015 - Components Express Incorporated, a leader in Machine Vision cabling technology, and XIMEA GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of high end cameras, are pleased to announce a very favorable interoperability report from testing CEI’s USB3 BitMaxx 25M Extended distance cable and XIMEA’s USB3.0 camera product line.


The throughput achieved by CEI’s 25M BitMaxx cable compared very favorably with standard length benchmark cables. XIMEA USB 3.0 cameras have proven to be highly compatible as they worked with shorter and longer CEI cables.


“The utilization of pre-emphasis and equalization allows CEI to counteract the effects of attenuation over the distance of the cable and achieve a length comparable to other high speed vision systems. This enables CEI to provide an extended length solution addressing the limitations of standard passive USB3.0 cabling,” said Steve Mott, Vice President of Components Express.


Both XIMEA and CEI conducted the testing separately to achieve duplex confirmation and provide to customers the confidence of a robust and reliable solution for their USB 3.0 applications when extended distances are required. Further features include USB3 Vision compliant locking, adding secure connection important for machine vision.


“CEI’s new 25 meter cable fixes the hole in the offering for medium range distances of USB 3.0 cables, thus equipping customers with the option to enjoy proven benefits of USB3 SuperSpeed technology while having industrial cameras still further away from the processing backend,” stated Klimkovic, CEO of XIMEA. “We are happy to see more choice that covers the inevitable demand for higher bandwidth than that provided by GigE, being more cost effective than Camera Link, which now can be satisfied by the combination of USB3 Vision cameras from XIMEA armed with BitMaxx cable from Components Express.”


For more information about XIMEA’s USB3 Vision xiQ camera series, please visit and to view CEI’s BitMaxx extension solutions.


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About Components Express Incorporated

Components Express Inc. (CEI) is the industry leading manufacturer of cable assemblies serving the Machine Vision industry. Products support a variety of both digital & analog camera to frame grabber applications including static, High-Flex & Industrial environments. Camera Link®, PoCL, Mini-Camera Link, BIT MAXX™, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, CoaXPress, USB 3.0, Power Supplies, LVDS and more. In addition to our MV products, we are a full custom cable mfg. supporting all major areas including: Military, Aerospace, Transportation, Data Communications, and Industrial Automation. 9001:2008 Certified, ITAR Registered, IDHR Certified.



Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry, XIMEA offer consists of state-of-the-art cameras with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, PCI Express and FireWire interface as well as X-RAY, Hyperspectral and Thunderbolt™ technology enabled cameras.

The main distinction is based on the extremely robust way the cameras are built while still providing highest speed like for example the USB3 Vision camera line. Learn more about XIMEA at



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