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Automate 2017 show exhibition XIMEA Chicago cameras

Ever more products and custom concepts - Booth 2469 at AUTOMATE 2017 in Chicago


AUTOMATE show is back after the two years and XIMEA team would be honored to welcome visitors and partners at our Booth 2469.

Guests increase their expertise level in the field of Machine Vision every year and XIMEA would like to showcase unique concepts and newest models US and global audience.


Exhibition location: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, United States  

Please visit: Booth 2469

Dates: from 3rd to 6th of April, 2017

XIMEA exhibition link: XIMEA Corp.


North America's broadest automation event is the right place to premiere our products for machine vision, scientific imaging, and other fields.

Specifically, our state of the art (small) cameras which use the newest fast readout interfaces. Highlighted newcomers at XIMEA booth will include:


  • USB 3.1 Type-C cameras using the newest Sony Pregius™ CMOS sensors as well as scientific grade CCD sensors like KAI-4070 and KAI-8052
  • Scientific CMOS camera with 90 dB, compact form factor and world's first model of embedded sCMOS
  • xiSPEC - New models of Smallest and lightest hyperspectral cameras
  • PCI Express Gen3 camera models offering 64Gb/s data speeds!
    • 12 Mpix images at 330 fps
    • 1.1 Mpix images at 3,500+ fps
  • xSWITCH -  Offering the ability to multiplex a multitude of cameras into one high speed interface
  • xAP – The latest paradigm for Drone/UAV payload with on-board processing of imagery

Closer look at the combined set of brochures for products:


Sony CMOS Pregius IMX174 IMX252 IMX250 IMX255 IMX253 camera USB3

Hyperspectral imaging sensors IMEC camera USB3 smallest HSI

USB3 camera CMOSIS e2V On Semiconductor USB 3.0 smallest

Smallest industrial camera 5 Mpix Aptina sync USB 2.0


CMOSIS CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000 PCI Express camera

super fast 64 Gbits speed PCI Express camera CMOSIS CMV12000 LUXIMA

Sony CCD camera USB 3.0 ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834 Scientific grade

Thunderbolt camera ICX174 CMV20000 Sony CMOSIS certified


Manuals and further information is available on request.

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