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Drop by XIMEA booth to see what new products are prepared for the field of Unmanned vehicles



XIMEA is preparing several showcases in the upcoming months during different exhibitions and Xponential is already around the corner. 

It would be our pleasure to welcome you at XIMEA booth and show you the newest developments:



General Information:



When: April 30 till May 2, 2019 

Where: McCormick Palace, Chicago (IL) USA

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Booth 2625

How to attend: Just click HERE


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Xponential is the one event that brings together 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defense sectors to learn how other industries are using unmanned systems to expand business capabilities, increase efficiency, and make a difference.
Why should you visit our booth: 
Lightweight Multi-Camera Solutions
Imaging beyond the standard! XIMEA presents a camera line filled with small, lightweight, high resolution cameras and high-speed interfaces.
Multi-camera systems with a high-speed switch enable data saving or processing of imagery through a single multiplexed data interface. 
XIMEA serves all types of tech companies around the world, from global players to small start-ups.
Our camera technologies allow customers to improve their products and enable their applications while facing challenges together with clients to solve individual needs not only with standard products, but also with custom modifications and designs.
Come see booth #2625 for the incredible variety of cameras available at your disposal: 
The latest innovations include tiny USB3 cameras with 18Mpix, PCIe cameras streaming beyond 8K resolution (full resolution at 85 fps!), high dynamic range, 2K and 4K high-speed cameras and a multi-camera platform which supports over a hundred sensors in a single setup.
Typical applications span from inspection, aerial mapping over motion tracking to videogrammetry.
Hyperspectral cameras are available as well based off a 2k x 1k CMOS detector with a color filter array applied to the sensor.
Up to 150 bands at 170-340 fps! Snapshot mosaic for stationary applications or linescan versions for mobile scanning are all available. 
With accumulated knowledge and experience of more than two decades in business, XIMEA is known as a sustainable innovator in machine vision and imaging markets, constantly pushing boundaries throughout the industry. 
Innovation creates technology for tomorrow by pushing the envelope today. 


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