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XIMEA portfolio exhibited in Moscow: ChipEXPO in October and All-over-IP in November



MRTech XIMEA camera USB3 industrial



During the final quarter of 2017, XIMEA welcomes you to join us at ChipEXPO and All-over-IP in Moscow.

Together with one of our partners, system integrator MRTech, we will gladly discuss your projects and answer questions. 




General Information:


What: ChipEXPO - 2017

When: October 31 until 2nd November 2017 

Where: Expocentre, Moscow, Russia

Booth: Exhibit space P 33

How to attend: Just contact XIMEA


Why should you visit:

Participants are the leading companies in the microelectronics, systems design and development of electronic devices.
The Exhibitors in Russia are more than 1,200 brands of well-known manufacturers and the exhibition will be supported by around 50 media companies.
It will be visited by professionals from defense industry, energy, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, industrial electronics and many others.
Please come by to see our multi-sensor system:
• Three 3.1 Mpix (Sony IMX252) XIMEA cameras
• Running with a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with carrier, and only consuming 20W
Image processing
• Gives up to 55fps image acquisition (plus black level, white balance and demosaicing) from the three XIMEA cameras
• Real time processing to give H.264 encoding and streaming


General Information:


What: All-Over-IP

When: 22 until 24 November 2017 

Where: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: exhibitor space F2.2

How to attend: Just click HERE or contact XIMEA



Why should you visit:

The 10th exhibition of All-Over-IP is a premier networking event helping to drive the business of globally impactful brands in Russia through lead generation, knowledge sharing, and highlighting leadership practices across all segments of the IP-enabled world.
The show brings onsite the most innovative Surveillance, IT and Security vendors addressing local channels and end-customers who work on business and technology strategies to benefit from The Next Big Thing.
Plus you can see the following highlight in our booth:
• 20 Mpixel (ams CMOSIS CMV20000) and 5 Mpixel combination of cameras
• NVIDIA Jetson TX1 with 512GB SSD running the cameras with only 25W power consumption
Image processing
• 5K image acquisition (main camera)
• Real-time black level, white balance, demosaicing, YUV conversion, SSD writing
• H.265 encoding and streaming of 4K images with 40 fps and 35 ms latency



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