News Exhibitions Enjoy sunny Santa Clara and take part in Embedded Vision Summit of 2019

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Come and see why Embedded vision technology has become such an important topic: 20-23 May



By the end of May, XIMEA team is heading to Embedded Vision summit to learn about new technologies and exhibit our own relevant products.

While attending the many interesting presentations during the summit, we would be pleased if you stopped by our booth and have a look at XIMEA portfolio: 


General Information:


What: Embedded Vision Summit

When: 20 to 23 May, 2019 

Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, USA

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Technology showcase on the floor

How to attend: Just click HERE

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Learn the latest applications, techniques, technologies and opportunities in computer vision and deep learning with more than 80 talks from 100+ speakers.
See 100+ demos of the latest technologies that enable vision-based capabilities: processors, algorithms, software, sensors, development tools, services, and more!
Connect with 1,200+ innovators sharing what works in visual AI, the fastest growing segment of artificial intelligence.
Why should you visit our booth: 


XIMEA develops and distributes single and multi-camera solutions based on standard x64 and NVIDIA-Jetson architectures.

The technologies rest upon our expertise in the fields of PCIe, USB3.x, embedded systems and multi-camera data aggregation.

Possible application examples include remote camera clusters, smart embedded multi-camera systems and compact but powerful vision-enabled setups.



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