News Exhibitions Lambda shows XIMEA products during Photonex exhibition 2013

Photonex XIMEA Lambda 2013 UK camera show

Lambda Photometrics presents at Photonex in UK, Ricoh Arena - Stand B17


Lambda Photometrics would like to sincerely invite you to explore XIMEA newest products at Photonex exhibition.


Place: Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK

Date: from 16 to 17th of October 2013

Booth: Stand B17



PHOTONEX is the UK’s largest exhibition that brings together industry and research to source the latest components, instruments and equipment, to develop business relationships and to research solutions and examine applications for photonics and technology for manufacturing.

Based at Ricoh Arena in Coventry, every year, the event provides unrivaled opportunity to meet with suppliers across the spectrum of photonics: The Technology of Light.

Photonics finds ever more uses in research, industry and the consumer environment. Photonics technologies are of increasing importance to scientific research and for industry. Its use is growing by the day as is the Photonex exhibition.



Lambda Photometrics would like to proudly introduce interesting new models provided by XIMEA on Stand B17.

The Machine Vision market of the UK and Ireland will become acquainted with sophisticated simplicity through the partnership of Lambda Photometrics and XIMEA.   

By investing extensively in research and development of targeted applications XIMEA has been able to drive their cameras to the very edge of newest technology and possibilities.

Presented will be a range that includes, but is not limited to: miniature, subminiature, board level, Scientific grade, X-Ray, UAV high speed and resolution cameras.

Enjoy the demonstration of delicate yet efficient design enhanced by the power of innovation.

See for yourselves!


About Lambda Photometrics

Lambda Photometrics are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading distributors of technology-based products.  Founded in 1977, by Bob Carless, the company hinges on 30 years of experience in working with customers within the scientific, industrial, military and medical sectors.

The company’s name reflects the principle of supplying a vast and diverse range of products, all of which are connected by the use of light or optical technology; Lambda being the symbol of wavelength and Photometrics meaning the measurement of light.

Lambda provides for the full spectrum of Machine Vision and Support, with a comprehensive range of products and technical knowledge allowing them to be in the position, to offer individual components and advice the best solution for customer's needs. Through their network of Systems Integrators clients are getting complete turnkey solutions, starting with defining project requirements, continued by planning, installation and post installation support.

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