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Explore the possibilities for medical use of new XIMEA cameras in Stuttgart, Germany



XIMEA will make a short trip to Stuttgart to present new products in the upcoming month of May during T4M trade fair.

The whole team would enjoy your visit at our booth taking the chance to show you the newest of what XIMEA has to offer: 


General Information:


What: Technology for Medical Devices (T4M)

When: 7 to 9 May, 2019 

Where: Landesmesse Stuttgart, Germany

Who: Here is an Overview

BoothHall 9 Stand 9C34

How to attend: Just click HERE

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T4M, the new trade fair for technology for medical devices, will focus on production technology, production environment, services, as well as components and materials. T4M is interesting both for manufacturers as well as the entire supplier industry of medical technology.

Production technologies, processes and materials for the medical engineering sector: take advantage of the combination of shows, forums, workshops and networking to meet the right people and engage with ground-breaking ideas.

Why should you visit our booth: 
High performance cameras for individual demands
Ultra compact, high resolution or extremely fast … camera components beyond the standard!
XIMEA develops and distributes industrial and scientific cameras for different applications. From high performance cameras through embedded and multi-camera systems to hyperspectral or X-RAY cameras, XIMEA offers specialized products for challenging demands.
Standardized camera series, as well as customized developments and modifications, are used by leading tech giants as well as visionary start ups around the globe.
XIMEA cameras are used in microscopy, telescopes, x-ray applications and in almost every industrial and scientific field, that requires high quality imaging.
The latest innovations include the world’s smallest USB-3 cameras with 18 MPix, high performance cameras with resolutions between 2k and 9k and a multi-camera platform, which supports more than a hundred sensors in a single setup.
Moreover, TE Peltier cooled cameras with latest generation sCMOS-sensors including backside illuminated models, are part of the continuously growing portfolio.
With the combined knowledge and the experience of more than two decades in the industry, XIMEA today is well known in the business of industrial and scientific imaging, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the market.


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