News Exhibitions VISION 2011 in Stuttgart: XIMEA experience Retrospective

VISION Stuttgart 2011 XIMEA Sponsor dinner

Main stage presence at the Get Together welcome party organized during Vision 2011


XIMEA had overwhelming success at VISION 2011 in Stuttgart. We would like to say big Thank You! 

To everyone for visiting our booth, taking part in our Lottery or dinner, asking questions and just saying hello.

XIMEA VISION 2011 Lottery cameras iPod

Congratulations to 24 happy winners of shiny new Apple iPods.

We apologize for not having enough lottery cards; we had assumed 3000 of them will be enough, what you all proved to be wrong.

Our team is looking forward to meet you again at VISION 2012 with even more exciting news.

More pictures will be posted in a while at the blog in the community section.



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