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XIMEA cameras at Vision Show Stuttgart 2016 exhibition

XIMEA presented exciting new technologies and products at VISION 2016 in Stuttgart


A look back at Vision 2016

All of us with the XIMEA team would like to sincerely thank all the visitors that stopped by our booth. Congratulations to all the happy Apple Watch 2 winners!



After two years of continuous development embracing new approaches, XIMEA demonstrated several truly innovative products and technologies at VISION 2016.

Below is the assembly of our existing product lines that was expanded and new models that were introduced into well known product families: 

Sony CMOS Pregius IMX174 IMX252 IMX250 IMX255 IMX253 camera USB3


Hyperspectral imaging sensors IMEC camera USB3 smallest HSI


USB3 camera CMOSIS e2V On Semiconductor USB 3.0 smallest


Smallest industrial camera 5 Mpix Aptina sync USB 2.0


Discussions during the show with customers and prospects revealed that the level of knowledge and extent of readiness to utilize the Machine Vision is ever-growing.

This allows high quality feedback with many insights into the current and future developments. XIMEA is looking forward to learning more about newest applications.

CMOSIS CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000 PCI Express camera


super fast 64 Gbits speed PCI Express camera CMOSIS CMV12000 LUXIMA

Video coming

Sony CCD camera USB 3.0 ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834 Scientific grade


Thunderbolt camera ICX174 CMV20000 Sony CMOSIS certified


XIMEA has many options for system integrators who are space or weight restricted. Our website presents the ‘standard’ models that are available from stock or on a relatively short term basis.

However, if you need special sensor, connector, form factor, speed - please do not hesitate to ask our team. With some of the models, it is also important to notice the availability.  


CMOSIS Sony CMOS IMX CMV Flat Flex camera USB3 PCIe USB 3.0 USB 3.1


   CMOSIS Sony CMOS IMX CMV Flat Flex camera USB3 PCIe USB 3.0 USB 3.1

Infographic explaining xiX models 

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Special attention deserve the camera families using PCI Express interface - xiB and xiB-64. The ultra-fast camera models are able to harness the unique speed of PCIe protocol and move imaging data rapidly to the final destination, all without the need in a proprietary framegrabber. 

These remarkable benefits were further showcased in a concept called xiSWITCH that allows AGREGGATION of many different camera models and interfaces into a single pipeline for simplicity of integration.


CMOSIS Sony CMOS IMX CMV Flat Flex camera USB3 PCIe USB 3.0 USB 3.1

Infographic explaining xiSWITCH


xiSWITCH - a fully customizable PCIe camera hub to which you can connect multiple cameras with various interfaces where their respective data streams are then bundled into a single PCIe cable leading to host computer.

PCI Express Gen3 overview - a standard interface that is fully compliant with PCI Express External Cabling Specifications, that allows 64 Gbit/s speed and real data throughput of 7000 MB/s.


Booth interview by Vision Systems Design magazine
Presentation about Virtual Reality and XIMEA embedded vision solutions


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Embedded Vision system camera USB3 fast small multiple


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