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MEASUREXPO XIMEA Polytec France 2012 show

XIMEA with Polytec invites you to MEASUREXPO in PARIS, Booth E48-Hall 1


XIMEA Team invites you to visit the booth of our partners Polytec at MEASUREXPO 2012 in Paris.

See and touch interesting products including the "magnifique" CURRERA-R, talk about your projects, discuss applications that are just in plans and of course leave feedback about your impressions.

You can do all that an more at Booth E48-Hall 1, where will be placed the exciting cameras and application examples of Intelligent Vision Systems in action.

Examples and demos running on the compact CURRERA-R family of Intelligent Vision Systems - successor of the traditional smart camera and camera-cable-PC devices.


Link to the exhibition website is:


About Polytec France

Since 1983 Polytec France is one of the key leaders in Optronic Solutions with Vision equipments, Photonics, Optical Measurement Systems using laser Doppler technology and Polymers.
Polytec is involved in industrial, scientific and technical innovative projects with the major players of the market in Machine Vision (Cameras and Lights). Following these successful collaborations with other companies.


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