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XIMEA cameras at VISION show 2012 Stuttgart

Welcome to XIMEA at VISION 2012, Booth 1C51, Stuttgart November 6 to 8


XIMEA team cordially inviting you to visit our booth 1C51 at VISION 2012 November 6th to November 8th in Stuttgart. Keeping our tradition of bringing innovations each year we are proud to present our new products and concepts.


USB3 Vision cameras

altxiQ - the family of the world smallest USB3 Vision SuperSpeed B/W, color and IR extended cameras, all with global shutters, resolutions from VGA to 4 Mpix and frame rates up to 90 fps at 4Mpix. Family is compliant with USB3 Vision standard and 1.3 and 4Mpix models are shipping now. In addition to color and B/W models, there are 3 more are coming with extended IR sensitivity and resolutions of 1.3, 2 and 4Mpix. Camera technology allows the fastest delivery without intermediate buffers and available in board level version for OEM applications.



Compact USB3 Vision system

Intelligent PC cameras - XIMEA’s CURRERA camera line. CURRERA cameras contain a complete PC, along with full or embedded Windows or Linux operating systems. These cameras come into play whenever you need computing power, control logic, and cameras in confined areas such as machine vision, medical, defense, and security applications. The CR boasts IP67 housing and zero copy transfers for data exchange between CPU and on-board memory, while the CG offers up to 90 GFlops of GPU processing power, internal PLC, and the ability to connect four additional USB 3.0 satellite cameras.

Scientific and High performance cameras

for the most demanding applications requiring ultimate image quality acquisition, our xiCe and xiRay CCD cameras are an ideal choice. With resolutions up to 16 Mpix, cooled and uncooled models and signal fidelity of 14+bits, xiCe and xiRay cameras generate best-in-class images for a variety of defense, microscopy, point-of-care, diagnostic, and similar high-end imaging applications. Technology of successful xiRAY family now is also available for visual light and custom OEM products at 11 and 16 Mpix resolutions, optionally with removable sensor glass.


XIMEA OEM and custom cameras

OEM and Custom Products

are expanding with new concepts based on Sony and Truesense sensors, both with 4 tap readout. These are Sony ICX674 (2.8Mpix), ICX694 (6Mpix) and ICX814 (9Mpix). Innovations from Truesense are represented by KAI-02170 (2Mpix) and KAI-04070 (4Mpix). These two sensors show multifold improvement in dark current performance and deliver undistorted images at extreme long exposure times without the need to cool the sensor below 0°C

Subminiature Cameras

board-level and housed cameras use the highest-quality CMOS sensors for a wide variety of customers’ space-constrained applications, from tightly integrated production and quality assurance equipment to point-of-care diagnostics, scientific, and medical imaging. When space or weight is a primary concern, xiMU Subminiature Series cameras are an ideal choice with some camera models as small as 16 x 16 x 13 mm and weighing only 5 g while delivering the highest-quality 5 MPix images.




Prototype of revolutionary intelligent cable. Connects CameraLink PoCL camera directly to USB 3 host port. Software support is provided with emerging USB3 Vision standard.

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