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boston the vision show 2016 cameras

Enjoy Boston and feel invited to drop by during THE Vision Show 2016 at the Booth 707


XIMEA team would be happy to see you and answer any possible questions about newest camera models at the upcoming The Vision show in Boston:



General Information:

How to register: For FREE pass fill out the form

When: May 3 till 5, 2016 

WhereHynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Who: Here is webpage with information and Contact

Booth: #707 and the Floorplan











THE Vision show 2016 Boston cameras XIMEA


What will you be able to see

Main highlights are newly certified Thunderbolt™ cameras, new Linescan model of Hyperspectral (HSI) cameras, NIR options of PCI Express cameras and USB3 Vision cameras with PYTHON sensors:


Thunderbolt industrial MAC OSX cameras smallest

Thunderbolt 1 and 2 cameras

xiT: The newest line of XIMEA cameras is based on Thunderbolt™ interface. This allows speeds of 10 or even 20 Gbps without the need of frame grabber. Currently, available certified models are equipped with the popular SONY IMX174 sensor (2.3 MPixel, 165 fps at 10 bit/pixel) and ams CMOSIS CMV20000 (20 Mpix, 32 fps). More sensor options including Sony CMOS with Pregius™ technology are being prepared.


xid brochure new shadow 2.jpg

USB 3.0 cameras with CCD sensors

xiD: This camera series is built on a range of high quality, fast CCD sensors with USB 3.0 interface. The sensors span from 2.8 MPixel with 56 fps to 12 MPixel with 15 fps. Models are designed keeping in mind the need of high quality data for scientific applications and provides great sensitivity in NIR spectrum. Available as board level or in a compact housing.


xib brochure 2014 shadow2.jpg

High speed PCIe cameras

xiB: PCI Express interface is unique in the Vision field, but very fast as it can deliver 20 Gbit/s for now. PCIe camera models possess sensors of 12 and 20 MPixel, Canon EF-mount, active focus and aperture control and frame rates up to 133 frames per second. Current models use Gen2 x4 direct PCIe connection to the computer bus and with future Gen3 x8 connection would be able to achieve 40 Gbit/s.


xiq brochure 2014 shadow2.jpg

USB3 Vision cameras

xiQ - family presents world's smallest USB3 Vision cameras, now with PYTHON sensors allowing fast speed reaching 1000 fps. In addition to color and B/W models, board level versions and models with extended IR sensitivity are offered. Camera technology allows fastest delivery, lowest power consumption and heat dissipation, easy ways to customize.


mu brochure 2014 shadow2.jpg

Subminiature Cameras with 5 Mpix

xiMUThis is an ideal solution for a wide variety of customers with space-constrained applications, from tightly integrated production and quality assurance equipment to point-of-care diagnostics, scientific, and medical imaging. Board-level and housed cameras use high quality CMOS sensors that provide 5 Mpix images and measure only 15 x 15 x 8 mm. Possibilities for OEM customization and synchronization possible.




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