Cameras with PCI Express interface stand out through extraordinary fast speed based on the throughput of 20 Gbits for Gen 2 and 64 Gbits for Gen 3. 

The whole range of models offers DMA (Direct Memory Access) and data transfer to GPU possible on Linux. This helps with extremely low latency.

High resolution Cameras

PCI Express CMOSIS cameras CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000


Equipped with high resolution AMS/CMOSIS sensors CMV12000, CMV20000 and CMV50000 this camera line provides resolutions from 12 through 20, to around 50 Mpix. These are combined with an attractive speed which is based on 20 GBit/sec data throughput of PCIe x4 Gen2.

Fast speed Cameras

PCI Express CMOSIS cameras CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000


Next PCIe generation (Gen3) accelerates to 64 Gbit/sec and allows remarkable parameters of 1.1 Mpix at 3500+ Fps or 65 Mpix with 71+ Fps.

Included are high-speed camera models with 16 Mpix at 300 Fps.

Embedded vision Cameras

Flat Flex line custom OEM integrated aggregated industrial cameras


Check out the xiX family designed for multi camera aggregation.

With its compact footprint, highest speeds, lowest latency and further customization abilities it is also ideal for Embedded vision systems.

Explore the connection options here.

Multiple Camera Systems

Embedded vision multi camera setup CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000 system


A wide range of switches, carrier boards, cables and adapters exceptionally suitable for Multi camera applications or Embedded vision. Make your setup compact and modular with existing or custom accessories.


Highlights of XIMEA high bandwidth grade cameras:

  • Compact, robust housing
  • Active Canon EF-mount interface able to control aperture and focus of the lens
  • Cable distances reaching up to 300m via fiber optics cable
  • Algorithms removing strong FPN
  • Precision adjustment of the sensor
  • GPU compression possibility
  • No Frame grabber needed


Applications examples include: 

Gen2 - Flat panel inspection, printed circuit board (PCB) examination, persistent stadium and border security, wide area surveillance, 360 panorama, cinematography, motion capture and aerial or city mapping

Gen3 - Vehicle Impact, Airbag Deployment and Safety Restraints Testing, Digital Image Correlation (DIC), Projectile, Explosives, Ballistics, Combustion and Missile Launch Tracking, Fluid and Flow Visualization, Sports Broadcasting, Commercial Film, Television and Studio Production, Fluidics and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Flat panel inspection (FPD), printed circuit board (PCB) examination and more.

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Check our concept for Multi-camera aggregation 


Embedded Vision system camera USB3 fast small multiple


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