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XIMEA shipping USB3 Vision camera model with CMOSIS sensor - 4 Mpix at 90 Fps


XIMEA Ships Smallest 4 Megapixel USB3 Vision Industrial High-Speed Camera

MUNSTER, GERMANY, October 26, 2012 – XIMEA GmbH is pleased to introduce the industry’s smallest 4 Mpix USB3 Vision grayscale and color cameras, offering high-resolution imaging at SuperSpeed data interface rates of up to 5 Gbps and frame rates of up to 90 frames per second (fps).

The xiQ MQ042MG-CM grayscale and MQ042CG-CM color industrial USB3 Vision cameras are based on the latest revision of CMOSIS’ CMV4000 sensors, which offer 4Mpix with 60 dB of linear dynamic range,  5.5-uM pixels, frame rates of up to 90 fps, improved on-chip timing, and programmable readouts for enhanced performance compared to previous sensors.

Measuring just 26.4 x 26.4 x 21.6 mm and weighing a mere 26 g, the xiQ series cameras retain the title of world’s smallest industrial USB3 Vision camera. XIMEA achieves this compact footprint by using a single planar rigid board construction as opposed to the competing multi-board and multifold flexi-rigid PCB construction, making the xiQ easier to integrate into specialized equipment and OEM designs.  

xiQ cameras include all standard I/O and features demanded by industrial imaging customers, including global shutters and integrated opto-isolated trigger input and illuminator control output, as well as on-board non-volatile memory for user settings and custom data. Additionally, XIMEA’s 4 Mpix xiQ cameras consume only 1.8 W, easing the power and thermal management design challenges for OEMs and end users alike.

“As members of the USB3 Vision Standard Committee, XIMEA has helped develop the USB3 Vision standard sponsored by the AIA, the North American machine vision trade association and standards development body,” explains Klimkovic, co-CEO of XIMEA.

xiQ MQ042MG-CM grayscale and MQ042CG-CM color industrial USB3 Vision cameras are available today. xiQ MQ042RG-CM with extended sensitivity in the infrared (IR) will be released in the first quarter of 2013.

And like all of XIMEA’s industrial cameras, each xiQ series ships with application programming interfaces (APIs) for the most common image processing software, including programs from Cognex, Matrox, National Instruments, MVTec, and many more.


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