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GPU image and video processing SDK

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XIMEA partner, Fastvideo, has developed a real-time imaging solution that works with camera models offering a range of resolution from VGA up to 65 Mpix, included in the following camera families: xiQxiCxiX and xiB line


Software is based on GPU Image & Video Processing SDK with peak performance able to reach GPix/s on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080ti GPU.

RAW data from a camera undergoes image acquisition, data unpacking, dark frame subtraction, shading correction, bad pixel removal, white balance, high quality demosaicing, base color correction, LUT, gamma, JPEG compression, writing of compressed stream to SSD.


Optionally one can add denoise, crop, resize, rotate, sharp,remap, undistortion, DCP profile support, 3D LUT, JPEG2000 /h.264 / h.265 encoding features. CUDA Streams option is also available for better performance for multicamera systems.


Fastvideo Image & Video Processing SDK for NVIDIA GPU is available for Windows 7/8/10 and Linux for NVIDIA GPUs with Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal,Volta, Turing architectures.


Fastvideo SDK is also available for all NVIDIA Jetson modules: Nano, TX1, TX2, Xavier.

Demo version of Fastvideo SDK for Windows / Linux / ARM is available upon request.


Source codes for sample application with XIMEA cameras on GPU could be downloaded from git:

That application can work either with XIMEA cameras or with raw images from SSD at PGM format.

This is the link for binaries on Windows for that application:


Note: There is an option to utilize RAW bayer compression to achieve even higher performance, which is important for multiple camera applications. 

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