Carrier board for NVIDIA Jetson and cameras

  • Enhanced Carrier for multi camera or embedded camera installations
  • Compact standalone GPU for USB and PCIe cameras
  • Compression or other types of processing and saving
  • Simultaneous synchronization and triggering
  • Ideal for deep learning and neural networks
  • HDMI, Wifi, GPIO, Ethernet, SD card and M.2 interface
  • Active fan and heatsink cooling
  • Compatible with Linux


Specifications are preliminary and subject to change

Buy PCI Express camera

carrier board xec nvidia jetson datasheet.jpg

Preliminary datasheet 



USB cameras pages

PCIe cameras pages

xEC2 carrier - Slots

carrier board xec nvidia jetson slots.jpg


Shown with SSD 


Compatible with Jetson TX1 and TX2




Examples of solutions and components for Embedded vision systems

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 / TX2 carrier board UAV drone payload cameras

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 TX2 Tegra X1 cameras Embedded Vision system



Last Updated: 12 December 2018, 16:49

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