Products Embedded vision and multi-camera setup - xiX Carrier board for NVIDIA Jetson and cameras

Carrier board for NVIDIA Jetson and cameras

  • Enhanced Carrier for embedded / multi camera installations
  • Comes with a calibrated NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module
  • Compact standalone GPU for USB and PCIe cameras
  • Compression or other types of processing and saving
  • Simultaneous synchronization and various triggering modes
  • Ideal for neural networks and mobile, portable applications
  • HDMI, Wifi, GPIO, Ethernet, SD card and M.2 NVMe slot
  • Active fan and heatsink cooling
  • Software support for the official OS - Linux


Specifications are preliminary and subject to change

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carrier board xec2 nvidia jetson tx2 flyer


carrier board xec2 manual nvidia jetson datasheet tx2



USB cameras pages AGX Xavier Mechanical
PCIe cameras pages Jetson Nano 3D Step


xEC2 - Carrier board overview



Example with SSD 


NVIDIA Jetson TX2 compatible



Connectors overview

multi camera embedded carrier nvidia jetson tx2 board.jpg



Examples of setups and configurations for Embedded vision systems

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 / TX2 carrier board UAV drone payload cameras

Drone Concept

UAV drone Sony Pregius CMOS cameras multiple embedded fast compact

4 + 1 XIMEA cameras

UAV drone AMS CMOSIS CMOS cameras multiple embedded fast compact

XIMEA high resolution camera

carrier board nvidia jetson camera high speed compact TX2

Miniature cameras with fast speed



Power supply for cameras

Power supply for power cable used with

xiB and xiB-64 and other cameras

NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with carrier
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module
  • Carrier board for 4+2 cameras
  • 4x cameras from xiX family - X2 lanes
  • 2x cameras from xiX family - X4 lanes

Last Updated: 25 September 2022, 11:29

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Check our concept for Multi-camera aggregation 


Embedded Vision system camera USB3 fast small multiple


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