Switches for Multi camera connections

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change
  • Multiple inputs for various camera types
  • Compact multiplexor for 4 - 12+ cameras
  • Single high speed 64 Gbit/s output cable
  • Simultaneous synchronization and triggering with GPIO
  • Supports different combinations of interfaces and camera models
  • Ideal for Multi camera system setups like 360 panorama
  • USB, PCIe, Firefly, Flat flex ribbon cables
  • Camera with switch cabling can run 100m+


USB cameras pages

PCIe cameras pages

Buy PCI Express camera


Request Mechanical drawing

or 3D step

multi camera setup system switch brochure.jpg




Standardized models

multi camera setup system switch lineup usb PCI Express


Possible concepts

Switches for Embedded vision systems cameras USB3 PCIe adapters

360 panorama multi camera setup system vr ar
multi camera setup system switch lineup pcie USB3



Last Updated: 12 December 2018, 16:11

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