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Multi camera high speed computer

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change
  • Compact PC for USB and PCIe cameras
  • Multiple various interface slots
  • Full speed for high speed camera image acquisition and data storage
  • Powerful 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • 48GB RAM and PCIe Gen3 x16 (128 Gbit/s) interface backbone
  • Simultaneous synchronization and triggering
  • 10GbE networking allows seamless integration into high speed networks and servers
  • Active fan cooling
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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Multi camera high speed computer PC USB PCIe

Preliminary Flyer


Core System

8th Generation Core i7-8850H, 2.6 (4.3) GHz, 6C/GT2
48GB 2133/2400 MHz DDR4 memory
Intel Generation 9 LP Graphics Core Architecture
10GbE RJ45 Networking
HDMI 1.4, max. resolution 4096x2160 @24Hz, 24bpp
High Speed Camera Interfaces
2 x PCIe Gen3 x8 (64 Gbit/s)
4 x USB3.1 Gen1 (5 Gbit/s)
SSD Storage Array
4 x SSD NVMe M.2 Slots (up to 8TB)
Additional Features
4 x isolated GPI + 4 x isolated GPO
1 x SSD NVMe M.2 for OS


Front and Back


USB cameras pages   

PCIe cameras pages   




com xicx computer inside.jpg


com xicx computer components.jpg


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