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1 Now released: 5K high speed industrial camera based on Gpixel GMAX0505 Administrator
2 8K industrial Camera able to stream 70 Fps is now released to production Administrator
3 Smallest industrial USB3 camera with 18 Mpix is released into production Administrator
4 First samples of 37.7 Mpix cameras based on sCMOS sensors GSENSE6060 Administrator
5 16 Mpix high resolution camera with exciting speed possibilities Administrator
6 Cooled range of sCMOS cameras including Backside illuminated models Administrator
7 3500 Fps high speed camera and other fast models are available Administrator
8 8K Camera from XIMEA with 48 Mpix and up to 30 fps now released Administrator
9 XIMEA releases new camera models with Sony CMOS sensors and USB3 Administrator
10 XIMEA presents special board level and connector versions Administrator
11 XIMEA releases camera line with Sony CMOS sensors and USB3 interface Administrator
12 New xiSpec Hyperspectral Multi-Linescan Camera model available Administrator
13 XIMEA Now Shipping the World’s Smallest 1000 fps USB 3.0 Camera Administrator
14 4K Camera from XIMEA offers 12Mp at up to 133fps and up to 300m cable Administrator
15 XIMEA unveils cameras with IMX174 or CMV20000 and Thunderbolt™ 2 Administrator
16 xiD - Fastest USB 3.1 cameras with multi-tap CCD sensors Administrator
17 5K Camera from XIMEA offers 20Mp at 33fps over 300m cable Administrator
18 XIMEA ships world's first 500 fps USB 3.1 camera Administrator
19 XIMEA ships USB3 Vision camera with extended infrared sensitivity Administrator
20 Subminiature and Board-Level Cameras Simplify OEM Integration Administrator
21 Smallest 4 Mpix USB 3.0 High-Speed Camera Administrator
22 XIMEA Introduces Smallest 1.3 Mpix USB3 Vision Cameras Administrator
23 Ultra-compact USB3 Vision industrial cameras Administrator
24 GPU accelerated PC camera CURRERA-G Administrator
25 Full HD network camera supports multistream H.264 and MJPEG Administrator
26 xiRay: NEW X-Ray cameras with 11 Mpix and 16 Mpix Administrator
27 New Line of Miniature Scientific grade cameras Administrator
28 Micro camera with 5Mpix GenICam /GenTL and Synchronization Administrator
29 NEW accessory: BOB644 Breakout Box for CURRERA R smart camera Administrator
30 CURRERA-R smart camera is provided with Starter Kit options Administrator
31 XIMEA Puts Power, Compatibility of Industrial PC Inside New CURRERA-R Administrator

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