astronomy scientific grade scmos x-ray cooled portfolio cameras

Extensive range of high grade camera lines come in various resolutions from 1.4 Mpix to 29 Mpix.

All cameras are equipped with high-quality CCD or sCMOS sensors some of which are TE Peltier cooled for long exposure and low-light related applications.


USB 3.0 Sony CCD Cameras

Sony CCD Scientific grade camera ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834


Originating from Scientific field, these are Grade 1 high end Sony sensor based USB3 cameras. Enhanced with EXview HAD CCD II technology the resolutions range from 2.8 to 12 MPix. Full frame rate potential with multi-tap readout.

Hyperspectral mini USB3 Cameras

USB3 Hyperspectral imaging HSI cameras smallest


The xiSpec line of Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) cameras is equipped with compact sensors from IMEC. With its form factor, it is the smallest and lightest in class. Ideal for UAV use.

Compact X-RAY Cameras

Kodak Truesense On Semicondactor cooled Scientific grade X-RAY compact


X-Ray direct phosphor imaging cameras include resolutions of 11, 15 and 16 Mpix with 14 bit images. Uniquely small TE cooled models suitable for Micro CT applications. Support energy levels from 5 up to 100 keV.

Scientific sCMOS Cameras

Truesense Kodak KAI-4070 KAI-8052 KAI-16070 KAI-29052 TE cooled Scientific grade


Newest family of Scientific cameras with sCMOS sensors and TE cooling. Resolutions start at 4 Mpix including Backside illuminated versions with Quantum efficiency up to 95%. Extremely low noise and high Dynamic range.


Highlights of XIMEA Scientific grade cameras:

  1. High dynamic range – from 70 dB with CCD sensors to 90 dB with sCMOS sensors
  2. High Quantum efficiency reaching up to 95% 
  3. Dark noise lowered down to 1 e-
  4. ADC readout options with 2x 12 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit output
  5. Linearity below 1% and highest uniformity
  6. Special anti-blooming functionality, Real color truth with unique debayering solutions and high quality filters
  7. Large format sensors and big size of pixels
  8. Economical power consumption
  9. Fastest speeds - using all available readout capability
  10. Peltier Cooling (TEC)

XIMEA’s high-end cameras are designed for a variety of life and material science applications, including Ophthalmology, Pathology, Histology, H & E Staining, Immuno - Fluorescence, Bright-field, Phase-Contrast & Darkfield microscopy, Metallurgical Microscopy (Metallography, Mineralogy, Petrography), Cytology, Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) applications, In vivo bioluminescence (Biofilm imaging), DNA and Forensic Analysis, FISH, CA++ Ratio and more. Also use in industrial fields like Flat panel and semiconductor inspection, Manufacturing Quality Control and Failure Analysis, Motility and Motion analysis and Solar panel inspection.

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