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Python API - Linux installation steps

How to install the Ximea Python module:

Python integration is installed together with xiApi, just follow the instructions for package installation:

To check if it is OK, run:

python -c "import ximea;

Additional tools installation:

The following steps are optional. However, these steps are necessary for run all examples:

  1. pip (package manager) - Python versions >=2.7.9 and >=3.4 has pip already installed, you can check:
    pip --version

    If it is not installed:
    sudo apt-get install python-pip
  2. numpy
    pip install numpy

    To check if it is OK:
    python -c "import numpy;print(numpy.__version__)"
  3. matplotlib
    pip install matplotlib

    To check if it is OK:
    python -c "import matplotlib;print(matplotlib.__version__)"
  4. Pillow
    pip install Pillow

    To check if it is OK:
    python -c "import PIL;print(PIL.__version__)" 

    NOTE: it is not actual Pillow version, for real version run pip freeze.
  5. OpenCV (only Python 2.7.x)
    sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev python-opencv

    To check if it is OK:
    python -c "import cv2;print(cv2.__version__)" 
  6. See the examples folder.