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Application Programming Interfaces

SDK - Software development kit

All XIMEA cameras are supported by our unified API / SDK.
To update Firmware of your specific model check This link.

Languages and standards

GenTL GenICam standard transport layer interface, grabbing images
xiAPI Streamlined API/SDK, plain C/C++
xiAPI.NET Managed .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) API/SDK
xiApiPython Python API

Software packages

Our Software packages contain camera drivers, API libraries, examples and tools for different OS.

For Windows: XIMEA Windows Software Package
For Linux: XIMEA Linux Software Package
For macOS: XIMEA macOS Software Package

Application Tools

There are several utilities available for customers for comfortable use of XIMEA cameras.

CamTool - Viewer like tool for setting parameters, recording video and much more.

xiCOP - Diagnostic tool to make the cameras work effectively on different PC setups.

Vision Libraries

XIMEA API supports more than 30 of the most popular Machine Vision Libraries:

List of vision Libaries supported in Windows