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NetCamHD allows to connects different clients.

Encoded Video Stream

All of them can receive the encoded video stream (H264 or MJPEG).
  • RTSP Large Stream (port 554)
  • RTSP Small Stream (port 8554) - e.g. for preview
  • Direct Stream (port 4424) direct encoder data on TCP socket
    e.g. for special low latency clients or for processing.
    Socket Stream Client example is available here .


The video from camera can be processed using many different clients. We selected some for reference:

  • VLC is the simplest client for testing
  • H264WebCam have lowest display latency (about 150ms)
  • exacqVision - long term tested client with ONFIF
  • Milestone XProtext - Monitoring reference with ONVIF

Static JPEG Snapshots

Camera control

  • ONVIF (port 18000) - for ONVIF clients
  • HTTP (port 80) - for Web browsers
  • CPARAPI (port 80) - for HTTP control clients

Picture with different possible connections: